USS Albacore
The USS Albacore was a research submarine, designed by the Navy to test experimental features used in modern submarines. Today Albacore has been preserved and opened to the public.

Tours through Albacore are self-guided. As you walk through the ship, a series of audio stations highlight Albacore's unique features. Recordings by former crew members tell something of the daily life aboard the sub.
Gov Langdon House
Part of the Historic New England collection, the Langdon house was the residence of NH's first governor, John Langdon.
John Paul Jones House
John Paul Jones, colonial America’s first sea warrior, was a tenant of the Widow Purcell in this house in 1781 while he supervised the building of the Navy’s ship America nearby. Though he loved Portsmouth, he left New Hampshire in 1782 never to return. His house is now the museum of Portsmouth men, women and children, where their stories live.
Moffatt-Ladd House & Gardens 1763
One of America's finest Georgian mansions, and home of two declarations of independence, invites you to explore history in its beautifully furnished authentic interiors, stroll in its elegant gardens, and attend our many events.
Strawbery Banke Museum
Strawbery Banke museum portrays 300+ years of life in the original Portsmouth waterfront neighborhood of Puddle Dock. Historic buildings and gardens, traditional crafts and costumed roleplayers. Seasonal skating rink.
Warner House c. 1716
The earliest, urban brick house in northern New England, the Warner House is considered a fine example of early-Georgian architecture with its sumptuous moldings and richly-paneled interiors.
Wentworth-Coolidge Mansion
The former home of New Hampshire's first royal governor, Benning Wentworth, who served in office from 1741 to 1767. The rambling 40-room mansion which overlooks Little Harbor, is one of the most outstanding homes remaining of the colonial era. Its stateliness and impressive interior and furnishings reflect aristocratic life in Portsmouth in the 1700s
Gundalow "Piscataqua"
The gundalow "Piscataqua" on an evening sail on her namesake river.
Wentworth Gardner House 1760
Built in 1760, the Wentworth-Gardner house is one of the finest examples of Georgian architecture in this country.
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